Wales Air Ambulance Charity Day at Raglan Parc Golf Club

Wales Air Ambulance needs almost £6.5 million every year to provide this very important emergency service, most of the funding comes from ordinary people and organisations such as Raglan Parc golf club focusing on fund raising for them.

This year the golf captains at Raglan chose Wales Air Ambulance as ‘their’ charity and have just held their Captains Charity Golf Day to raise funds.

It was a great success with nearly £3000 being raised on the day, with a further £1000 already in the ‘pot’ from other events run earlier.

The money came from many individual sponsors and companies that paid to advertise on each golf hole or provided generous prizes and from the 120 players that competed on the day.

The club even raffled a ‘named’ personal parking space to raise more money. Of course, there were many other winners, the golfers.

Martin Brown (also won the car park space raffle!) and Carl Pugh (ran the Newport marathon raising over £500 for Wales Air Ambulance) were the two men golf winners.

Nicky Edwards and Kath Weare were the two lady winners, with Craig Ballson winning the seniors competition. The visitor winner was 15 year old Jayden De’cloedt and he won the men’s nearest the pin contest.

For the juniors, aged 5 up!, there was a competition on the 3 hole Academy course and practise putting green with golf winner Ryan Price and putting winner Lucas Griffiths.

Club Captain Tom Rigby, Lady Captain Kath Morgan and Seniors Captain Nick Smith would like to thank all the sponsors and players for their generosity in helping to make this such a great fund raising day for Wales Air Ambulance.