Artificial golf green for your garden
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Artificial golf green for your garden

Are you interested in purchasing an artificial golf putting green, or what is known as an artificial golf green for your garden? If you are, you will be relieved to know that you can find all the information you need about buying and installing an artificial golf green without even leaving home. There is a lot of information on the Internet about putting greens and many websites to purchase one from. You can even order the installation online or get advice on how to install an artificial golf green yourself. There are even kits available that will enable you to build one yourself.

What Should Golfers Look For In An Artificial Putting Green?

The main advice you will find in looking for an artificial golf putting green is what type of turf to use. Most experts will tell you that the best turf for home putting greens is PGI Nylon. That is because it is very low maintenance, and it is made out of a tightly twisted knitted nylon fibre that has the look and feel of bent grass. The putting greens “stimp” is at 10 1/2 and is consistent throughout the surface of the putting green. The turf will not mat down, and your putts will hold a true line to the cup.

There is one other kind of turf that is used, and it is a sand-filled polypropylene turf. However, you should know that the sand will displace from the turf fibre if it is exposed to rain and used a lot. This type of turf needs a lot of maintenance, and regular brushing to keep the fibre upright. It must also be rolled quite often to keep the surface smooth. This type of turf will not hold a true line to the cup either, but some manufacturers insist they are just as good as the nylon turfs.

What Are The Best Brands?

Tour Links® is recommended as the best brand on many website links and it is the most popular. One such popular artificial putting green by them is the Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green. It is really shaped like a dog bone. Tour Links® has 4 other styles of artificial golf putting greens to choose from.
Another popular brand is Madison. They sell a high quality putting green that is endorsed by the pros.
Southwest Greens is a popular brand in the UK. In fact, they have installed practice greens for over 30 PGA pros.

What Should The Golfer Be Aware Of Before Purchasing An Artificial Golf Putting Green?

When looking for the perfect artificial golf putting green for your home or office, you should steer clear of poor base material, such as sand. Look for the proper setting of the cups, and be aware that it should have a natural shape. Check out the seams to make sure there are no gaps and that the proper glue was used. Your greens should roll naturally and be free of bumps. You should also be wary of an artificial golf putting green that rolls too slow or too fast.

The Average Artificial Golf Putting Green Size For Homeowners

According to the experts, the average artificial golf putting green size for homeowners is approximately 700 -1200 sq ft. Naturally, there are different sizes, but you will not want to get one that is too large for your area.

Benefits Of Artificial Gold Putting Greens Over Natural Grass Putting Greens

When you decide to install an artificial golf putting green instead of a natural grass putting green, you will have several advantages. For starters, you will not have to water the grass or mow it. You will not have to keep chemicals on it to keep the weeds out. Your maintenance will be very low, and it will be beautiful no matter what time of the year it is.

Features You Should Look For When Shopping For An Artificial Golf Putting Green

The very first feature to look for is the ease of installation. If you are going to install it yourself, you will want it to be very easy. If you decide that you would rather have it installed, ease of installation will help too, because it will not take too long. This is a plus if the company you hire to install your putting green charges by the hour. So decide first if you want to install it or have someone install it for you.
Of course, artificial grass should be a feature, but look for the particular type you want. In other words, make up your mind if you want it to be made out of nylon or sand-filled polypropylene. Next, you want to look for portability. You will have the option of moving it from place to place if it is portable. For instance, you can take it to your office if you choose to or take it with you if you move. There are permanent artificial golf putting greens, which is another option for you too, if you do not ever want to move it.
Look for artificial golf putting greens that have at least 3 cups. Maintenance is a key feature. Low maintenance artificial golf putting greens will be more enjoyable in the long run.

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